Best Hydraulic Log Splitters

A great hydraulic log splitter will take away most of the difficult and backbreaking work associated with log splitting, and make your life easer and the laborious task faster to perform.

Why are these the best log splitters available?

The hydraulic, or gas powered, log splitter is widely seen as one of the top types of log splitter available on the market. Running off of fuel, these log splitting beasts do not need access to a mains supply or electricity source, and thus can be used anywhere, even in more remote areas. They also can be road towed, for easy manoeuvrability, although the units themselves are often among the heaviest of the log splitters available on the market.

Whilst you will need to use a gas powered hydraulic log splitter in an area with good ventilation due to the fumes produced, they offer higher ramming pressure and stronger, faster cycle times, making them the default choice for contractors and those who require a robust, long lasting unit that will work day in and day out without question or the need for downtime.

What can I do to maximise my investment?

A well-chosen log splitter will give man years of service provided you make sure that you maintain the unit correctly and to manufacture specifications. Most maintenance is simple and can be performed by the user. Opting for a hydraulic log splitter with a steel case is one of the simplest ways to ensure that your purchase will last, as some of the pressure invested in these units during the log splitting process is immense- just take a moment to consider that heft 22 or 37 ton ramming power.

Overall, a well-cared for, well-built log splitter will last and last.

What are your top 5 hydraulic log splitter picks?

Each of the units below provide a nice balance of cost, capabilities and value for money. Depending on your exact needs from your log splitter, you’re sure to love them.

Brave EZ Split Horizontal gas powered log splitter

Brave EZ Split Horizontal gas powered log splitter

This unit is able to deliver on 8 Tons of splitting power on a 3.5 HP engine with all steel construction, making them a rugged and dynamic choice. With a thick steel beam and casing, you can rest assured that this will be a long lasting beast of a splitter. The powered coat finish protects against rust and wear.

For a gas powered log splitter it is also pretty portable and can be road towed. This is actually a ‘mini’ unit, much smaller and lighter then the average gas powered log splitter and ideal for the home user who needs a more powerful unit then electricity or hydraulic can provide.

Powerhorse Horizontal Dual Split Log Splitter

 Powerhorse  Horizontal Dual Split Log Splitter

With a dependable, ferociously powered engine and cast iron body sleeve, this is a beast of a log splitter. A unique splitting action, working on both the retract and extend stroke, means it offers twice as many splits per cycle as most other units.

This doesn’t come particularly cheap, of course, but if you need to invest in a purchase and have some budget to spend, this is an excellent choice. It takes logs of 16” by 25”, and offers a two-stage pump. It adds automatic shutdown on low oil, dual ball bearings and a full forged crankshaft for extra safety. Able to deliver 20 Tons of splitting power, this is a machine for those who need serious log splitting action.

Champion Power 92221 Gas Powered Log Splitter

Champion Power 92221 Gas Powered Log Splitter

22 Tons of splitting power characterised this heavy-duty gas powered log splitter. If you need a dependable, heavy duty splitter you can still move, this is the one for you. It can take 24” logs up to 100 lbs, and the frame allows for road towing on a 2” ball hitch. It can also be used both horizontally and vertically via use of a pull pin. With safety shutdowns and great customer service, Champion are a brand you can trust with a product you will enjoy using.

Swisher LSRB87528 28 Ton Splitter

Swisher LSRB87528 28 Ton Splitter

For a Briggs and Stratton engine, this is a surprisingly budget-friendly purchase that offers a remarkable 28 Tons of splitting force with both horizontal and vertical splitting actions. With a vertical beam lock, it also offers enhanced safety.

It is specifically designed with a minimum of moving parts to ensure a long life, and the fuel tank is rust-protected to help you enjoy your product for longer. Another road-towable design, this offers premium power and build for a minimum price.

NorthStar Vertical/Horizontal Log Splitter 37 Ton

NorthStar VerticalHorizontal Log Splitter 37 Ton

The highest Ton splitting force on our top five list, our favourite NorthStar offering offers auto idle and throttle controls to ensure your engine lasts as long as possible as well as keeping the fuel burn economical and noise to a minimum.

Optimised with a two stage pump to ensure economical pressure usage as well, this is a great pick for a long-life investment purchase, and it won’t even break the bank as much as you would expect. With several unique design features patented, this unit boosts efficient splitting and a hydraulic system carefully protected from contaminants. It also uses auto-return on the wedge to keep splitting time to a minimum. If you need a seriously strong investment gas powered log splitter, this is the unit for you.

Each of these units are valuable hydraulic log splitters that balance cost with convenience and will serve you well over many years of use with the right handling.

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