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About Us. is a place for you to learn about tools including power tools, automotive tools, woodworking tools, metalworking tools, machinist tools…pretty much any type of tool you’d want to know about. Think of it as a tool for learning about tools.

Tool advances are allowing for further creation of tools that are lighter, safer, and more accurate than ever before. With, you’ll know what’s hot and new before any of your friends and coworkers do. We are dedicated to providing the best and most up to date information, reviews and guides to professional and shop-grade tools to contractors, builders, woodworkers and do-it-yourselfers. Our writing staff delivers expert advice on how to select the best tool for the job and use it most effectively.

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PowerToolSpot is divided into the following major sections:


PTS publishes timely and quality news about tools. Find out about new tools, tool promotions, and other tool related news.

Buying Guides

If you are buying a new tool and need some guidance, the PTS buying guides should be your first stop. Our buying guides explain everything you need to know about buying tools in plain English.


For consumers looking to maximize their tool budget, PowerToolSpot’s reviews offers a great opportunity for would be tool buyers to find the best tools at the best prices, at the same time we try toadd a fun and interactive element to the tool buying process.

A few words about the folks behind the

My Name James I am the owner and chef editor, and one the writers here at But most importantly I am a self confessed a tool “junkie”.. I have to admit I seem to have a problem with “want” which often (usually) overrides my actual “need” when it comes to buying tools. So after 35 years of tool collecting I have a shop full of expensive things that I problly dont actually need…but just could never let go of.

Couple the desire for tools with 30+ years of industrial experience including plant engineering, machinery design/CAD systems, IT support and finally web marketing and development and you end up with a tech guy that just loves to play with tools along with the ability to share this information online. My shop includes metal working tools including a TIG welder, torches, horizontal band saws, presses, grinders and most other things a basic metalworker should have. I also have a woodworking area on the opposite end with a vertical band saw, cabinet saw, drill press, belt and drum sander, miter saw and at minimum three dozen various other power tools. That said, I actually do put everything to good use building projects and maintaining our acreage. You might not see every brand on this site because we basically call things as we see them. So it’s unlikely that a bottom of the line tool manufacturer is going to contact us to review tools as they will likely be kicked to the curb. Because of this you will get unbiased opinions on the tools you see. If you have any questions about the reviews or products on this stuff feel free to drop me a note.