Huskee 22 Ton Log Splitter review

At first glance, most log splitters seem much of a muchness, and it can seem tempting to just go with the cheapest you can find. However, the difference in user experience between a quality log splitter and one without the same attention to construction can be incredible. Below, we look take a look at the popular Huskee 22 Ton

log splitter and how it stacks up to the competition.

What makes a good log splitter, anyway?

Log splitters come in several varieties. The cheapest will always be a manual log splitter. While they still require quite a bit of physical labour, they take a lot of the more back-breaking aspects out of log splitting and can be had for quite an affordable price.

The next step up is an electric log splitter, which will generally run happily off of a standard home electric current. These can be a good compromise between cost and ease of use, but the top of the market is most definitely the gas powered hydraulic log splitter. These can run anywhere without the need for a mains supply, most are road towable, and take all the labour out of log splitting. They do need to be used in a well ventilated area, however, as gas will produce fumes.

How can I make a good log splitter purchase?

Remember that many places offer log splitters for rent, so if you still aren’t sold on the idea, or want to test a specific brand like the Huskee 22 Ton log splitter we’re reviewing, paying a little down for rental could well be a great way to see if the machine works for your needs and wants before investing in a pricey purchase.

Outdoor log splitters can seem like a ‘splashy’ purchase. Buying a manual log splitter can be a nice way to carefully balance your finances against the urge not to have to break your back on awkward cuts of wood, and is fine if that suits your purposes. However, by fat the easiest choice will be a hydraulic gas powered log splitter.

Not only do these cut down on the time required for the task, but they also take a lot of the back- breaking labour out of the process. Additionally, it also opens up the arduous task to members of the household who may not be able to physically manage splitting the logs- although, of course, children should never be allowed to operate heavy machinery.

More about the Huskee 22 ton log splitter

With a retail price around $1000, the Huskee 22 ton log splitter is a mid-range splitter, far from the cheapest on the market but not one to totally break the bank either. This makes it attractive to the home user market, who don’t need to make the substantial investment of someone using the machine every day, but who want to find quality for the money they do invest.

At 22 tons of splitting power, this isn’t the most powerful log splitter in the Huskee range, but should deliver more than enough splitting capacity for the average household. It has a 13 second cycle time and an auto-return valve to cut down on time wasted.

It can take logs up to 26” long. If you find you need a larger size of great ram splitting power, there are higher tonnage splitters available in the same range. That said, however, the 22 Ton option represents a nice balance between cost and capability.

Users report that the Huskee is a robust wood splitter, able to take almost any wood thrown at it- green, dry, knotty or not. You can expect a long lifetime from the unit as well, with users running the machine for a decade with no complaints. Remember, of course, that no machine will run well without maintenance however.

The Huskee is a vertical and horizontal machine, enabling you to avoid having to lift heavier logs onto the machine. Its easy start, and difficult to stall. Users like the design, finding the engine neatly tucked out of the way and the beam easy to tilt. The frame is robust and strong and should stand up to almost anything you can throw at it.

What should I watch out for?

Falling wood can be heavy, and can often cause issues on the body of the log splitter if the log cradle isn’t there, fails or the operator isn’t paying full attention. On the Huskee 22 ton log splitter, the hydraulic fluid hose can be cracked if too many logs fall on the hose itself. It’s a fairly easy fix though.

A few users also complain of a slight rattle on the engine cover over time, and a few report a slight bounce in the unit when towing. This is not entirely unexpected as it has a fairly narrow wheel base and is fairly light for a log splitter.

What’s the verdict?

Huskee 22 Ton Log Splitter

Overall, the Huskee 22 Ton log splitter is a great value purchase for the money you will invest in it. Provided you handle the machine with care and respect any expensive piece of machinery deserves, and provided you maintain the unit properly, you can expect to be running your Huskee for years to come. It represents a nice balance between cost and worth, and can be expected to take you through many cords of firewood before your journey together is done.

A Huskee 22 ton log splitter will provide you with quality log splitting for many years, and represents a great balance between cost and capability.

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