Dirty Hand Tools 100171 22 Ton Log Splitter with Kohler Engine

The Dirty Hand Tools 100171 22 Ton Log splitter may be a mouthful, but for a gas log splitter it’s particularly attractively priced. With this in mind, we take a look at how it stacks up against the competition.

Why would I opt for a gas powered log splitter?

Those who have to reliably move their log splitters, who need heavy duty work from their splitters or are just looking for the largest ramming forces will usually opt for a gas log splitter. They’re generally seen as the top of the log splitter types, although it’s worth noting that they cannot be operated in enclosed spaces due to the fumes.

They do come with a correspondingly larger price tag, but road manoeuvrability, solid build quality and long lasting work-horse capabilities usually make it a trade-off worth investing in.

Why would I pick the Dirty Hand Tools 100171 log splitter?

At 22 Tons of ramming force, the Dirty Hand Tools 100171 log splitter has quite middle of the road specs for gas log splitters. If you need greater splitting force, there are machines more suited to you out there, a good few of which Dirty Hand produce themselves.

However, it’s a versatile size, suited for both the avid home user and smaller contractor jobs. While it’s far from light- it weighs in over 300 pounds- as road towable, gas powered log splitters go it’s pretty easy to manoeuvre.

It also comes equipped with the safety chains and coupler, unlike some road-towable varieties. It also comes equipped with log catchers as standard, which should prevent damage to the logs you’re cutting and the surface underneath.

The engine is a 6.5HP Kohler Engine, equipped to handle almost anything you can throw at it. It also offers a 2 stage, 13-GPM pump to help with maintaining speed. It’s cycle time certainly stacks up favourable in comparison to other models, clocking in at just under 11 seconds and featuring every log splitting handyman’s must-have: auto return.

Not only does an auto return feature on a gas log splitter ensure faster cycle times, it spares you a lot of the hard work.

What splitting options does this log splitter offer?

Talking about hard work, the Dirty Hand Tools 100171 log splitter can be use in both horizontal and vertical splitting position. What this amount to, is the ability to split a log without having to lift it into the cradle. So you’ll be able to tackle loads you can’t lift yourself.

Not every consumer likes to use the vertical splitting features on such units, as it does take a little extra time to change around the splitting set-up, but if you need the option or habitually have to deal with back-breaking logs, this is sure to make life a lot easier. That fast cycle time we mentioned earlier should help you get back up to speed quickly enough.

Shipping can be slightly problematic for this unit if you order from an online source, as it is a large item and these often cannot be hidden discreetly and may not be to-the-door deliverable, depending on your home or business set up. The unit will ship with oil and hydraulic fluid.

What do users think of it?


Overall, the Dirty Hand Tools 100171, despite its lack of a glamorous name, more then gets the job done. Amazon users favour the unit highly, rating it an easy 4.5 stars, and with little to say against it. Users particularly appreciate the robustness of the design.

A good, heavy duty steel frame is absolutely critical once you start to get into the heavier tonnages of log splitter, as warping, flexing and bending in the frae on hitting tricky wood will not only reduce the lifespan of these often pricey units, but can also prove a safety hazard to the operator. This unit, in particular, is a rugged and ‘beefy’ choice with a sturdy frame.

Log cradles are prone to catching debris, and when used in the horizontal position this unit is no different, unfortunately, but a well-designed cradle is often more than enough incentive to use it anyway and users like how the guide works.

It also come with a rather nifty stick-on ruler on the cradle to help you judge the length of the pieces you’re cutting, which many users appreciate. A good overall design, including wrapped hoses, that feels comfortable and intuitive to use is much appreciated by all users.

What is after-sales service like?

Of course, a log splitter is only as good as its parts. Fortunately, user feedback mentions that they are both easy to source from the Dirty Hand Tools’ website, and moderately priced. The blade is, for the record, a four way blade, which not every user likes as some feel they can be more prone to bending then other, more traditional shapes. Other’s love it for the faster splitting time.

The unit itself does seem slightly prone to very simple issue- small things like pins becoming sub-optimal in fit, slight hose leaks etc.

Each of these mentioned issues, however, were quickly dealt with by the consumer themselves without fuss, and does not seem to have turned any of the users away from the product.

Overall, the Dirty Hand Tools 100171 22 Ton log splitter is a durable, robust machine that users enjoy operating and feel confident handling.

Noone had any complaints about its capability to handle even complex hard logs, and bar a few less-the-perfect small areas of wear and tear the unit is prone too, it remains a firm favourite amoung users looking for a budge, mid-range gas powered log splitter they can trus.