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Best Log Splitters for Your Needs

Still haven’t found the perfect log splitter for your needs? Never fear! We’re back with 5 more tip-top log splitter picks to suit a range of needs, tastes and budgets. How do I pick the best log splitter for my needs? It is vital, before making any purchase, to consider your needs correctly. While gas […]

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Huskee 22 Ton Log Splitter review

At first glance, most log splitters seem much of a muchness, and it can seem tempting to just go with the cheapest you can find. However, the difference in user experience between a quality log splitter and one without the same attention to construction can be incredible. Below, we look take a look at the […]

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Best Hydraulic Log Splitters

A great hydraulic log splitter will take away most of the difficult and backbreaking work associated with log splitting, and make your life easer and the laborious task faster to perform. Why are these the best log splitters available? The hydraulic, or gas powered, log splitter is widely seen as one of the top types […]

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Best Electric Log Splitters

Electric log splitters are generally seen as the ‘mid-range’ of the log splitter family, offering far more convenience then a manual, but without the heavy hitting power of the larger gas powered log splitters. That said, the difference between a poor quality electric log splitter and the top range ones is immense, and price tag […]

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Best Wood splitting wedge

While log splitting machines represent the current pinnacle of the market if you’re looking for a convenient and quick way to split wood, they can also represent quite an investment in money and storage space. If you would like to cut down on some of the back breaking labour, but without the hefty investment, wood […]

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Best Manual Log Splitters

If you need the convenience of a machine to help you plough through those logs like a beast, but don’t have the budget or need for a fancy, bulky gas powered electric splitter, then a manual log splitter is for you. While involving slightly more effort than the powered log splitters on the markets, manual […]

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