Best Log Splitters for Your Needs

Still haven’t found the perfect log splitter for your needs? Never fear! We’re back with 5 more tip-top log splitter picks to suit a range of needs, tastes and budgets.

How do I pick the best log splitter for my needs?

It is vital, before making any purchase, to consider your needs correctly. While gas is generally seen as preferable to electric and manual in the wood splitter categories, simply buying one based on this may well leave you vastly overpowered.

If you only need to split occasionally, but don’t like the back-breaking labour of chopping wood, then a manual is more than enough for you. There’s no need to power it so it can be used almost anywhere, they are pretty cheap and easy to come by, are reasonably light and small to make storage easy, and will give you decades of good service if you pick well.

If you’re still in the domestic market- or a small contractor who doesn’t have to operate the machine a lot- an electric log splitter can be a better choice for you.

It takes all of the manual labour aspect out of log splitting, can run easily off of a standard house circuit, and can be used safely in smaller spaces then gas log splitters can. Only if you need to subject your splitter to daily use in a rugged environment, or if you need very high ramming tonnage, do you truly need to invest in the top of market gas log splitters.

Why are hydraulic and gas log splitters considered the best?

You’ll notice a pretty consistent trend while shopping for log splitters. Manual log splitters always make up the bottom end of the price market, with gas log splitters creeping into the more expensive slots. They are, in general, seen as the ‘best’ log splitters on the market [but remember…what’s best for your needs may well not be the same] for several reasons.

Firstly, sheer size plays a factor- with gas log splitters you can get more ramming power for bigger, harder pieces of wood then manual or electric will allow. Secondly, functioning from gas makes them very versatile in movement. They can be used almost anywhere- just not in tight spaces due to fume issues- and don’t rely on the strength of the operator or a close-by power source to run.

So what are the best log splitters out there?

Here are our top five log splitter picks:

Troy-BIlt TB33LS 20 Ton log splitter.

Offering a similar cycle time and cutting force to the Remington RM20 we review below, the Troy-BIlt is slightly pricier, but offers a robust build that will last for years with ease. The hoses are coil-wrapped to ensure a long life, and it ships with hydraulic fluid included for immediate setup and use. Cast Iron splitting wedges ensure safety and durability, and the unit is road towable. It comes with a 2 year warranty for peace of mind.

Remington RM20 20 Ton

This unit, another Amazon crowd favourite at 5 stars, offers enough force to split a 25 inch log in a 19 second cycle. It’s a hydraulic log splitter built for tough jobs and tough roads- it can be towed for easy movement. It also offers both horizontal and vertical splitting, so it’s great if you often face awkward, unliftable logs that you need to split in place.

The unit ships pre-filled with hydraulic fluid for ease of use. Users report it as simple to use, and able to take on even knotty wood with ease.

Titan 30 Ton log splitter

While this unit ships with a 4 way splitting blade- which some love and others don’t- it’s a beast of a machine that can handle up to 24” of log with 30 tons of splitting force. It offers horizontal and vertical splitting with a quick attach feature. It can work with both standard and high power systems. Be warned- this is not a small machine, and tops out at over 570lbs, so it’s not ideal for small situations or light use.

Champion 90720 7 Ton hydraulic splitter.

The cousin of one of our favourite splitters, this unit lives up to the family reputation. With a 20 second cycle and 2 stage hydraulic pump, it may be small but it is fierce. It’s able to take logs of up to 20”, which brings it fairly close to far larger competitors.

While it’s not designed for heavy use with contractors, this little package packs a mighty punch and can take up to 80lbs loads. Coupled with durable steel construction and you have a definite winner, although it ships without oil.

Wood-eze LS750 electric log splitter.

With an attractive price tag for a 7 Ton electric splitter, this little beast can handle logs of up to 20.5” and 12.5” width. It will arrive fully assembled, with and all steel construction that consumers appreciate. It’s equipped with a fault breaker to ensure safety and prevent the unit overloading, and it’s a chunky electric log splitter that dwarfs its opposition. It’s a consistent, safe and reliable choice of medium-range log splitter.

Any of these great log splitters will serve you heartily and well over many years with a little maintenance and TLC. Remember to give some careful consideration to the right type of log splitter for your needs and lifestyle, and you’ll be well on the way to finding the best log splitter possible to fit your budget and requirements.

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