Best Electric Log Splitters

Electric log splitters are generally seen as the ‘mid-range’ of the log splitter family, offering far more convenience then a manual, but without the heavy hitting power of the larger gas powered log splitters. That said, the difference between a poor quality electric log splitter and the top range ones is immense, and price tag alone isn’t always enough to tell you which you’re buying. So we’ve rounded up the best of the best electric log splitters on the market for you.

What makes a good electric log splitter?

Most electric log splitters will work happily from the standard electricity of the average suburban home. They also have the distinct advantage of being fume free- making them safe to operate in tighter spaces then gas powered log splitters. If you’re looking for a high quality unit, but don’t want to face the hefty outlay of a gas-powered log splitter, this is the type for you.

While they often don’t quite have the ramming force of their larger cousins, and the cycle time will usually be significantly slower, this is usually a moot point as they will far outstrip the working speed of the average single person. They’re a great choice for the user who will not be using the electrical log splitter day in and day out, but rather want a portable and manoeuvrable unit that can be stored conveniently. They will boost your working speed and make your log splitting endeavours much more smooth and free of backbreaking manual labour without breaking the bank.

What makes a good electrical log splitter?

A robust design is essential in any log splitter, especially if you want to get many years of use from your investment. All steel casing is usually a good plan. You should also look for a design in which the engine is tucked away from the working area, for your convenience.

A log cradle to prevent spillages, and making sure that the unit is fit for the type and size of logs you typically will need to cut is a great plan too. Don’t fuss too much over cycle times if you don’t need the unit to work in a commercial environment, and make sure you opt for a unit with a quality wedge that can handle loads and will be easy to replace when the time comes.

What makes these log splitters stand out?

Each of our 5 top electric log splitter picks are ideal for use in a home or limited commercial environment, providing sturdy design, decent cycle speed and ease of use in one easy package. Keep reading for our top picks in electrical wood splitters.

WEN 56206 6 Ton Log Splitter

6 Ton splitters represent a nice balance between capacity and cost. This 2HP, copper wound motor will work fine on a standard household grid, and the two handed operation ensures optimal safety. It has its own log cradle to prevent spillage and ensure logs are evenly split, and can handle logs up to 10” by 20”. 6” tires leave it fully portable, and it’s also CSA approved.

Boss Industrial ES7T20

Another 2HP showstopper, this Boss Industrial electric log splitter comes with push button start and an easy, one handed operation including automatic ram return. It eve boasts a professional grade hydraulic system and rugged casing built to last. The Boss Industrial ES7T20 will easily last with a little maintenance and the right handling, and represents a quality electric log splitter investment.

Pow’ R’ Kraft 65556 4 Ton electric log splitter

Amply designed to be powered by a standard household circuit, the rugged all-steel construction of the Pow’ R’ Kraft ensures a long working life. It can handle logs of 10” by 20”, and can handle up to 12” on softer woods. With 4 tons of splitting force per ram, it can also deliver swift, efficient splitting.
Pow’ R’ Kraft pride themselves on efficient customer service and fast order handling too, so you have nothing to lose in the event that shipping damage or after-market service is needed.

Powerhouse XM38 Splitter

Packing a little more power than most on our list, this 3HP motor is still more then portable. It also takes a higher capacity log- averaging 20” by 12”- then most of the choices on our list, helped by a powerful 15.7” ram. Despite the extra stats, this is still a budget- friendly pick and comes in decidedly mid-range for a quality electric log splitter.
If you need to balance the effect on your pocket book with the effect on your back, this is the log splitter for you.

Sun Joe LJ600E Logger Joe

Sun Joe LJ600E Logger Joe

Another 2HP electric log splitter with a powerful 120 Volt motor best suited for 10” by 20” logs, the Sun Joe Logger Joe log splitter features built in override circuits and can only be operated two handed, making it a safe and diligent choice. It also has 6” wheels to allow for manoeuvrability.
It offers ETL inspection certification. It offers 5 Tons of driving force, making it slightly more of a heavy hitter then some options on the list, and could be of use to a smaller commercial operation that will not need to run the log splitter daily.

Each of the electric wood splitters above represent a high-quality, robust purchase with a price tag more manageable then their behemoth cousins, the gas-powered log splitter. They still deliver bang for the buck and will do any home user or light commercial user proud.